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FRP Composite MD500 Maintenance Platform

Our Composite MD500 Maintenance Platforms are environmentally responsible, specially designed work stands that provide access to all major maintenance areas of their compatible rotor craft. Aircraft technicians use these stands on routine inspection, maintenance, and repair of helicopter components. This maintenance platform allows the technician a secure and safe area to work.

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FRP Composite MD 500 Maintenance Platform


The FRP Composite MD 500 Helicopter Maintenance Platform is compatible with the following helicopters: MD 500, MD UH1, Hughes AC 269, Schweiser AC 300, Schweiser AC 333 and Humming Bird A160

Our helicopter maintenance stands are engineered to surpass the highest industry standards. These FRP composite rotorcraft maintenance platforms will provide you the necessary equipment to increase job safety while improving efficiency. The platform rolls right up to the helicopter so there are no gaps that might encourage a safety hazard for your aircraft mechanics. The slip resistant stairs and platform also have 42"H guardrails with 21" mid-rails for extra security.


 • Platform size: 52"H x 42"W x 60"L  • 500 lbs. capacity
 • Articulating steps stay level at any height  • OSHA and ANSI compliant design
 • Grit topped mesh grating features for slip resistance  • 42"H Handrails with 21" mid-rails
 • 36"W x 10"H Step-up on platform  • Comes with lift system standard
 • 50 Degree incline stairway  • Overall size: 1012"L x 48"W x 94"H
 • Non-conductive, non-sparking, corrosion resistant, and lighter than steel or aluminum


Composite Benefits:

Composites offer several advantages; they are much more environmentally responsible, more effective and resourceful than traditional non-renewable material. Composites are non-magnetic, non-sparking, corrosion resistant, slip resistant, lightweight for reduced freight & install costs, impact resistant, fire-retardant and non-conductive for either heat or electricity. Our FRP Composite is designed to be extremely strong and durable, much stronger than steel. Composite material weighs less than 1/2 of its steel counterpart. Product will not rust like steel or easily dent and deform like aluminum, and requires nominal maintenance compared to other options. Composites are well suited to any and all environments, either inside or out, and are resistant to extreme cold and heat. Our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Composite Material is constructed using USA-made, top quality pultruded material with a UV-resistant veil to lessen fading of color. Designed for easy fabrication and installation, all of our composite products meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.

We believe in our products and we’re confident that the investment of a well designed, high quality helicopter maintenance stand is easily offset by higher productivity, better quality workmanship, and superior fall protection. Our stands provide an extra margin of stability and safety so maintenance technicians may engage their work with less interruption.

We offer options on all of our helicopter stands, including tread type, castor options, pneumatic plumbing, tool trays, lights, or electrical receptacles.

FiberStrong Composites by Fabrication Authorities International, LLC. is quickly proving to a world leader in turnkey adjustable stands, clean room product, custom ladders and work platform construction, delivering flexible solutions with a performance guarantee. Our project managers focus on cost efficiency and custom design capability to ensure customer satisfaction. Our highly trained sales representatives oversee each composite design-build project from receipt of PO to owner acceptance of the shipment. Our sales technicians are educated to provide you with a professional consultation to work with your facility’s space and access requirements to customize a solution that successfully addresses safety, ergonomics, and regulation compliance. Our team includes an operations manager, project managers, specialized sales representatives, technical department and an in-house engineering department. 

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