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FRP Composite B2 Aircraft Maintenance Stand


Comparable to Model# 15F2698 and Model# 7362445 and meets requirements for NSN# 1730-00-390-5620 

 The B2 Aircraft Maintenance Stand is compatible with the following aircraft: B747, DC-10, L1011, A318, A319, A320, A300, A310, A330, A340, B727, B757, B767, B777. 

Download the Spec Sheet here: FSC-B2-C Spec Sheet

Our FRP Composite B2 Aircraft Maintenance Stand provides your aviation technician with efficient access to service aircraft, improving overall productivity while providing critical fall protection to ensure a safe work environment. 

 These stands are a popular choice because they may be utilized to service any aircraft within their 10' to 19' height range and one stand may replace the need for several different types of maintenance platforms and ladders. Custom options available.

 The B2 Aircraft Maintenance Stand may be used for general aircraft maintenance where the work environment requires maintenance at height levels from 10' to 19'. Constructed from FRP Composite treads, platform deck, railing, and articulating stairway with powder coated aluminum platform supports and carbon steel tubular frame, features include: Removable 42"H handrails with 21" mid-rails and 4" toe-boards, walk-off safety chain and tow bar for mobility.  4” O.D. non-marring rubber bumper for aircraft protection are located at the leading edge of the platform for aircraft protection. 


 • Platform height: 11’-19’ (3.35m– 5.79m)  • 750 lbs. max load capacity
 • Platform size: 4’ x 9′ (1.22m – 2.74m)   • OSHA and ANSI compliant design
 • Composite treads, platform and handrails  • FRP deck with gritted- non-slip surface   
 • Powdercoat on all steel and aluminum parts  • Front side bumper for aircraft protection
 • Removable safety chain across platform access  • 12″ HD flat free swivel casters with brakes
 • Aluminum platform frame for weight reduction  • Steel base for stability and low gravity center
 • Non-conductive, non-sparking and corrosion-resistant
 • FRP composite transition landing to the articulating stairs
 • Lightweight construction and stronger, pound-for-pound, than steel
 • Easy to operate, foot pedal operated air powered hydraulic pump standard
 • Steel tow bar with pintle eye, locks in the upright position when not in use
 • Pump controls and locking pins are accessible from ground level to meet AFM
 • Removable composite 42”H (1.07m) guardrails with 21" mid-rails and 4" toe-boards
 • Platform locking pins located on the telescoping support columns for additional safety
 • Platform locking pins have with holes spaced for pinning at 1’ (0.3m) height adjustments
 • Articulating stairs and platform stay level at any height, with a maximum rise of 10” (25.4cm)
 • Optional outriggers with leveling jacks provide a wider, stable footprint and fold inward when not in use
 • Powder-coated finish on all steel components and aluminum platform frame; custom colors are available


Composite Benefits

 Composites offer several advantages; they are much more environmentally responsible, more effective and resourceful than traditional non-renewable material. Composites are non-magnetic, non-sparking, corrosion resistant, slip resistant, lightweight for reduced freight & install costs, impact resistant, fire-retardant and non-conductive for either heat or electricity. Our FRP Composite is designed to be extremely strong and durable, much stronger than steel. Composite material weighs less than 1/2 of its steel counterpart. Product will not rust like steel or easily dent and deform like aluminum, and requires nominal maintenance compared to other options. Composites are well suited to any and all environments, either inside or out, and are resistant to extreme cold and heat. Our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Composite Material is constructed using USA-made, top quality pultruded material with a UV-resistant veil to lessen fading of color. Designed for easy fabrication and installation, all of our composite products meet OSHA and ANSI requirements.

 The B2 Aircraft Maintenance Stand plays a vital role in the aviation industry ensuring the utmost safety for the mechanics. These height adjustable platforms may also be used as temporary access stairway for aircraft and any industrial arena.

 Fiber-Strong has a repeat of clientele that have been extremely satisfied with these stands and have referred others in the industry to us so that we may accommodate them in making their aviation maintenance areas safe, efficient, and productive. We are dedicated to developing the most innovative aircraft maintenance platforms through research, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of the finest materials available. All of our products may be modified or completely custom designed to suit your needs.

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